The Milan athletic department is excited to announce the sale of All-Sports Passes for the 2021-22 school year. Passes will be sold on-line.  With this new feature you can save the pass on your phone as a picture and have it with you at all times.  For those who wish to have a hard copy, print and present the paper form at the gate.  Tickets will be scanned for each contest and may only be used 1 time per event.  

The Milan Athletic Department is excited for the return of athletics and, hopefully, without restrictions for the entire school year. 

Ticket Prices

Adult Pass – $70

Student Pass – $40 (Grades 4 to 12)

Senior Pass – $25 (Ages 60 and up)

Restrictions for All-Sports Passes

  1. The All-Sport Ticket will allow the card owner into any Milan High School and Middle School sporting event free of charge.
  2. The All-Sport Ticket is NOT valid for games such as Ripley County Tourney, ORVC Tournaments or the   IHSAA post season events.
  3. All-Sport Tickets are Non-Transferable. Any card not belonging to the owner will be confiscated.
  4. If lost, the full price will be charged for the new ticket.
  5. In the event of a cancellation of a season or imposed restricted attendance plans, refunds will not be given once the first contest of the fall season begins. If you are permitted to attend during restricted events, passes will be honored.

All-Sports Pass holders will be able to enter game with a picture of the digital pass on their mobile device or with a hard copy of the card.

Cash tickets will still be available the night of the contest.  We will be working on a transition to credit card and pre sale tickets in the future.  

All-Sports Passes may be purchased online with the use of a credit card at     Please follow the prompts to complete the transaction and obtain your pass(es).

Purchases with cash or check are still available at the high school office. . If you are paying with check or cash,  you will receive an email or a hard copy piece of paper with your sports pass.

If you have any question regarding the process or how to obtain your card, please contact John Prifogle @ for more information