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Milan Community Schools:  "Excellence Every Day ... The Milan Way"

  • Theme: Character Counts in our Community

    character countsMilan Community Schools is sponsoring a special event Thursday, August 22nd- Thursday, August 29th for our community! Our interest is in educating others about the importance of having good character and finding his or her own genius by following the 7 Habits taught by the Leader in Me curriculum. Each day we will be focusing on learning about a particular character/leadership skill and we invite our staff, students, and their families to participate by wearing the color that represents the character word. Thank you for your support in joining our efforts in making a positive difference in our community.
    • Thursday, August 22nd - (T) Trustworthiness- “Wear Blue and Tell the Truth” (Habit #2- Begin with the End in Mind- The end goal is having good relationships/friendships that is built on trust)
    • Friday, August 23rd - (R) Respect- “Wear Yellow and Be Respectful by Following the Golden Rule.” (Habit #5- Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood- Listen first, then talk)
    • Monday, August 26th - (R) Responsibility- “Wear Green and Do the Right Thing” (Habit #1- Be Proactive- You are in charge of you)
    • Tuesday, August 27th - (F) Fairness- “Wear Orange, Be Fair and Follow the Rules” (Habit #4- Think Win Win- Find a way that everyone can win!)
    • Wednesday, August 28th - (C) Caring- “Wear Red, Be Caring and Say or Do Something Kind.” (Habit # 3- Put First Things First- Care enough to put other people’s feelings first)
    • Thursday, August 29th - (C) Citizenship- “Wear Purple, Be a Good Citizen by Helping Someone Today”  (Habit #6- Synergize- Work Together to do Better)

    School Counselors, Milan Community Schools: Gayle Healy, Tina Mutz, and Brenda Schwering
    Social Workers, Milan Community Schools: Stephanie Schwing-Stamper

  • Hello,

    Welcome to Milan Community Schools, where we provide “Excellence Every Day...The Milan Way.”

    An “A” rated district by the Indiana Department of Education, Milan Community School Corporation is composed of three schools, Milan Elementary, Milan Middle School and Milan High School. We are excited to partner with our families to educate our students. We recognize our responsibility to prepare students for life, respecting the traditions of the past, and realizing the challenges of a changing society of the future.

    Our vision is to immerse students in a technology rich environment that engages and challenges them to think more critically, communicate more effectively, and solve problems more creatively which maximizes learning in an ever-changing world. Our comprehensive technology initiative allows every student in grades 3-12 to have a Chromebook and every K-2 student to have an iPad.

    Milan Community Schools are full of passionate educators who want to facilitate learning while challenging each individual student at a level that allows them to be successful. Milan Schools also provide many opportunities to extend learning beyond the school day including participation in sports, clubs, and other organizations. We welcome you as a part of our Milan School family.

    Yours in Education,

    Jane E. Rogers
    Milan Community Schools
  • Dear Parents,

    If you are planning to move to Milan or would like to enroll your child or children in our schools, we would welcome your application.  For families residing outside our district, there is no longer any transfer tuition.  Your only responsibility is transportation.  If you are interested in joining our school community, please fill out our  application Transfer Request. Thank You.


    Jane E. Rogers


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