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Student Information for Grades K-12

Find out more information about using eLearning Days for inclement weather.

What will these eLearning Days look like from a student’s point of view?

  • An eLearning day will be announced as a scheduled day or as a school closing. (unscheduled)

  • No more than 2 eLearning days in a row will be used during an extended inclement weather situation. 

  • In preparation of expected inclement weather, staff are encouraged to remind students to bring home devices and chargers, download or write down assignments down in case of an eLearning day.   

  • Students in grades K-12 will work off-campus on eLearning Days

  • There will be no buses running and the school will be closed to students.

  • The instruction delivery and quality will be reflective of a normal school day. Students will receive instruction via Google Classroom in grades 3-12 and using iPad instruction for Grades K-2, while having access to their teachers via office hours. 

  • Students will be given assignments for the eLearning Day by 9:00 a.m..  Attendance will be recorded by teachers from students work completion and submission through Google Classroom in grades 3-12 and Seesaw/iPads in grades K-2.

What if I do not have internet?

You can download your assignment in advance and complete it on eLearning Day. You can go somewhere that does have internet and complete your assignments.  Alternative locations with wifi could include a friend’s house, family member’s house, the public library, or local restaurants with wifi. (Students that complete assignments during eLearn Day without wifi will be able to upload assignments at school once connected to the school’s wifi.)

How will teachers be directly reachable by students to facilitate and support instruction?

Teachers will have office hours - available by email, school phones (not personal), and social media.

School Contact

ES - 812-654-2922

IS/MS- 812-654-1616

HS- 812-654-3096

Teacher Office Hours

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

What do I do if my Chromebook is not working?

  • Make sure your Chromebook is charged.

  • Turn it on and off.

  • Use another device to complete work for the day and turn in an Fsticket for the following day.

What do I do if I am working offline for the day?

Your work will automatically save in Google Drive and upload when you return to online status. As soon as you access internet, you will submit your work in Google Classroom. You can do this the following morning at school or during eLearning Day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing eLearning Days? 

We are doing eLearning Days to provide students opportunities for authentic eLearning that flows with classroom instruction, and to be able to continue daily lessons without interruption during inclement weather/cancellations. .  

When would we use a traditional make-up day instead of an eLearning Day?

Milan would make up cancellation days if the district experiences an event or events that cause school to be closed enough days in a short period of time when educational momentum is lost. (two in a row) That decision will be made by the Superintendent after consulting with principals and teachers. Milan will use the built-in snow makeup days listed on the approved school calendar.

When do eLearning day assignments get posted?  When are eLearning day assignments due?

For a scheduled eLearning day, assignments are posted the night before.  For an unscheduled eLearning day, (ex. inclement weather) assignments will be posted no later than 9AM.

All school work given on an eLearning Day is due by 8AM the following school day (if there is an inclement weather eLearning Day on a Friday, schoolwork is due by 8AM on Monday). 

If there is a 2-Hour delay that turns into a cancellation, will that be considered an eLearning Day?

Yes, assignments would be posted no later than 10AM.

How do students and parents find out if an eLearning day will be scheduled?

Through the same format used to announce a school closing. For example: email announcement, TV, radio, social media. 

Will students have access to sign-ins and passwords for their accounts?

Students will have all necessary sign-ins and passwords for their accounts prior to an eLearning Day.  Most classes are using these daily for classwork and homework

How does a parent/student contact  teacher?

Email, Remind, DoJo, Class Facebook, Phone

As a parent, how do I support my younger kids during an elearning day?

Parents could help by reading/explaining directions for younger students..

Can a student use a family computer rather than the Milan issued computer?

Yes. All assigned work may be accessed through a family computer, tablet, and/or smartphone. .

Will my child have more than the normal amount of homework during an elearning day?

Student “work load” is determined by grade level, the lesson plans for that day, the types of courses students are taking, and the amount of time needed to complete the learning experiences.  We ask parents to think about the difference between homework and full school day’s work load. Your child may have more work to do at home on an eLearning Day because it is work that normally would have been done in class.

If a student does not complete his/her work, what is the consequence?

Completion of homework counts as attendance.  The same consequence that would be given during a normal school day will be assigned when work is not completed,

Do students with identified special learning needs have an alternative means to access their education on eLearning days?

Yes.  Teacher will provide specific directions for their students.

During an elearning day, will students be responsible for special area classwork (art, p.e., music, etc.)


What do we do if we don’t have WiFi at home? What about a power outage?

Work will be due by 8:00 a.m. the next school day. In extreme circumstances where this deadline cannot be met, the parent should contact the school administrator.  Arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.